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The cold chain refers to the various stages that a refrigerated product passes through on its journey from farm to fork.


From the moment a fruit or vegetable is harvested or an animal is slaughtered, it needs to be kept at the appropriate temperature in order to avoid that it spoils. The deterioration of a product can be slowed by reducing the temperature at which it is stored. In fruits and vegetables, this slows down metabolic processes, which, in turn, slows spoilage. Reduced temperatures slow the growth of potentially harmful bacteria in animal products that are stored at frozen temperatures, allowing them to be shipped all over the world with minimal food safety risks. It is important that suitable temperature control be maintained from as soon as is feasible to as close as possible to consumption.



From the raw materials stage to the various distribution storage facilities a commodity passes through, transport refrigeration keeps it at the temperature required to maximize storage life and quality for many days, weeks and months between cold storage facilities.


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